Illinois Herb Association


  • Promote and develop new and expanded markets for herbs and herbal products

  • Further the knowledge and safe use of herbs and herbal products

  • Bring together for cooperation and coordination all persons interested in the production and utilization of herbs

  • Collect and disseminate the best available information relating to the herb industry


The Illinois Herb Association (IHA) was formed in 1989 under the umbrella of the Illinois Specialty Growers Association. The association is organized and operated for educational, scientific and civic purposes. The chief priority and purpose of the association is to educate members and the public about the culture and use of herbs and herbal products. IHA provides education, services and professional development opportunities for members engaged in all herbal endeavors. Funds raised through services and activities of the association are to be used for the education of members and the public and/or service to the community.

IHA welcomes both the beginner and the advanced herbalist. Membership in IHA is open to all individuals, associations, clubs, businesses and corporations interested in the objectives and achievement of the purposes of the association.


Board of Directors

Maggie Smith, President

Amy Wertheim, Vice President

Bonnie Compton, Secretary / Treasurer

 Deborah Lee

Carol Norton