Join Illinois Specialty Growers Assocation!


Together we are the voice of specialty growers in Illinois.

Illinois Specialty Growers Association is a united voice to support and advocate promotion, research, and education efforts within the industry.

We strive to improve market opportunities and production quality for specialty crops grown in Illinois. Whether you are a grower, supplier, association, or consumer we encourage you to join. We believe diversity in our organization creates a more sustainable market for specialty crops.

Join over 3,600 established specialty crop farms utilizing more than 81,250 acres to produce over 472 million dollars in sales annually within Illinois.


Why join Illinois Specialty Growers Association?

  • We have strength in numbers through diverse membership.

  • We establish a powerful common voice to advocate for the industry.

  • We create wide communication platforms for a range of audiences.

  • We perform solution-driven programming and research.

  • We increase market opportunities through common branding and promotion.

  • We are involved in long-standing, established agricultural partnerships.